Aim & Scope

International Journal of Economics, Politics, Humanities & Social Sciences – IJEPHSS (e-ISSN: 2636-8137) is an online scientific journal that has been publishing original and comparative studies at academic level within the scope of “Social Sciences” and “Arts and Humanities” since its first publication date in 2018.

The target audience of IJEPHSS consists of academics, researchers, professionals, students and relevant professional and academic institutions and organizations working in the fields of “Social Sciences”, “Arts and Humanities”. For this reason, our journal is open not only to studies from academics but also to original studies of academic quality that can come from researchers and practitioners.

IJEPHSS is published quarterly (January, April, July and October) and accepts Turkish or English studies. These studies must not have been previously published elsewhere or submitted for publication elsewhere.
Manuscripts deemed to comply with the submission rules and the subject scope of IJEPHSS specified below are sent for scientific evaluation to at least two reviewers with academic qualifications in their field. The editorial board also takes into account the comments of the reviewers regarding each submission when discussing the suitability of studies. The final decision for all submitted articles belongs to the Editor-in-Chief. The editorial board is committed to complying with the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) criteria.

All published articles are assigned a DOI as a permanent article identifier. IJEPHSS has embraced open access and non-commercial scientific publishing. Articles published in the IJEPHSS can be made accessible in the institutional archive of his/her university and in the archives on the subject or in other archives requested by the author without the embargo period.


IJEPHSS aims to contribute to scientists by publishing original articles, book reviews, and studies on the symposium and congress activities in the fields of “Social Sciences”, “Arts and Humanities”. It also aims to contribute to the sharing of information about the field at the national and international levels through these publications.

Scope and Subjects (According to Web of Science classifications):
IJEPHSS is included in the Interdisciplinary Social Sciences journal classification within the scope of Web of Science Core Collection. According to the classification made within the scope of Web of Science Core Collection, IJEPHSS accepts publications in the fields of Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences and the following subject headings:

Arts and Humanities:

History of Science, Philosophy of Science,

Social Sciences:

Economy and Business,
Cultural Studies,
Development Studies,
Law and Politics,
Public Administration,
Social Sciences Studies,
International Affairs,
Urban Studies,
Woman Studies.

Period of Publication

IJEPHSS is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published 4 issues per year (January, April, July, October). In addition, special issues can also be published on topics deemed appropriate by the editorial board. Regular issues of IJEPHSS are published on the 15th of the relevant month. Studies submitted less than 30 days before the new issue publication date, they can be evaluated for the next issue. In this context, IJEPHSS does not accept late article applications for the most recent issue.

The studies possibility of reach the most recent issue depends on the time used by the reviewers, the decisions they made and the revision times expected to be made by the author. For these reasons, IJEPHSS does not guarantee that submitted studies will be published in the most recent issue.
Studies whose evaluation process has been completed positively in IJEPHSS are added to the publication order, taking into account their arrival date. Except for special and additional issues and gift issues, publications for an issue on a specific date are not accepted.

Target Audience

The target audiences of IJEPHSS are academics, researchers, undergraduate-postgraduate or doctorate students, and interested readers.

Publication Language

IJEPHSS accepts Turkish or English languages.


Submitted articles must comply with the purpose and scope of the journal. Original, unpublished articles that are not in the evaluation process in another journal and whose content and submission have been approved by each author are accepted for evaluation.


The copyrights of the studies published in the IJEPHSS belong to their authors. The authors allow the intellectual work they sent to be published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International license (CC BY-NC 4.0) by the IJEPHSS.

Payment Policy

IJEPHSS is a paid journal. Regardless of the acceptance or rejection status of the articles, a fee is charged. “According to the decision taken at the General Assembly of the Council of Higher Education dated 07.03.2019”. Reviewing process is not subject to a fee. In the description section of the receipt, the name and surname of the responsible author and the article ID number in Dergipark must be stated. Payment terms and account information are located under the Fee Policy heading.