1. What are the Journal qualifications?

This journal is of an international quality, peer-reviewed, web-based electronic journal.

2. How often is the journal published?

Our journal is published quarterly and online. New volumes are issued on the 15th of the related month for every period.

3. What is the publication approval process?

The uploaded studies are forwarded to the referees after the field editors’ views and approval. Studies are sent according to the two blind referees’ decisions. The authors’ identities and informations are kept secret from the referees.

4. What kind of peer-review process do we follow?       

In our journal, we use the double blind review process. The manuscripts are firstly submitted to the editorial and/or field editors then forwarded to reviewers.

5. What is the publication language of the journal?

Turkish or English.

6. Is a DOI number given for the published articles in your journal?

DOI numbers are intented to be given for every article (We are waiting for results to our application).

7. Are any fees charged for studies/articles to be published/downloaded in the journal?

There is no charge for publishing, downloading studies/articles in our journal.