Assoc. Prof. Dr. Halil İbrahim Aydın was graduated in 2009 from Cumhuriyet University, the Faculty of Economics and Administration Sciences and Economics Department. He got his post-graduate degree from Cumhuriyet University Social Sciences Institute and Economics Department with his thesis called “Regional Development Agencies” and he got his doctorate degree in 2015 from Gaziosmanpaşa University Social Sciences institute and Economics Department with his dissertation called “Social Capital – Economic Development Relationship: Panel Regression Analysis on European Union Countries”. After he worked in private sectors like banking, project expertise, consultant, he worked as a top manager in a private firm. Then he began to work as a lecturer in 2012 in the Faculty of Economics and Administration Sciences, Development and International Economics Department. Aydın is still working as an associate professor in Faculty of Economics and Administration Sciences in Batman University. In addition to academic papers, articles and projects that he wrote, he took the responsibility of editorship of lots of books and book sections he wrote. Some his works include, “Money-Bank and Finance”,  “Economic Crisis and Turkey Economy”, “Articles on Regional Developments”, “Economic and Politic Articles on Development”, ” Social Capital and Development”, “Economic Development: Global & Regional Studies”, “Economic Development: Social & Political Interactions”. 

Contact Info: halilibrahim [@] ijephss.com

Assoc. Dr. Onur Oguz was graduated from Sakarya University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, in 2002. He got his post-graduate degree from Marmara University Banking and Insurance Institute with a thesis titled “Theory of Effective Markets and Parametric Analysis on ISE-Financial Index Companies” in the Capital Markets and Stock Exchange department and he got his PhD degree in 2017 from Marmara University, Institute of Social Sciences, Economics Policy with a thesis titled “Econometric Appraisal: An Econometric Practice”. Between 2003-2008, he worked as different positions in various stock investment companies. Between 2010 and 2018, he worked as a lecturer at the Istanbul Gedik University Vocational High School under the Securities and Capital Markets programme and the program director in the Banking and Insurance programme. Since 2018, he has continued his academic career in the Department of Economics of Batman University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. In addition, he provided training in preparation for the Capital Market Activities Licensing Exam and preparation for individual pension broker examinations. He has SPL Level 3 and Credit Derivation Expertise licenses. He is fluent in English and moderates in Spanish.

Contact Info: onur [@] ijephss.com