Aim and Scope

International Journal of Economics, Politics, Humanities & Social Sciences – IJEPHSS covers current discussions on economics, social and humanity sciences at academic level. By publishing studies that could take these discussions a step further, the journal aims to present them to the academicians concerned with these issues and contribute to these discussions as well.

IJEPHSS gives priority to the studies within the scope of economics and administrative sciences such as economics, business, econometrics, finance, international relations, labour economics, political sciences and public administration,  Besides, it is open to different studies within the field of humanities and social sciences (History, Sociology, Psychology, Literature). Our journal regards its raison d’etre as to publish  disciplinal and interdisciplinary academic or applied original studies and make contribution to advance related literature.

The journal’s target audience involves academicians, researchers, professionals, students as well as related academic institutions and organizations. Therefore, our journal is open not only to studies conducted by academicians but also to the original academic studies carried out by independent researchers.