About the Journal

International Journal of Economics, Politics, Humanities & Social Sciences – IJEPHSS released its first issue in April 2018.

IJEPHSS is a refereed, open access e-journal which is published quarterly (January-April-July-October) in Turkish and English.

Our journal has aroused great interest since it was first published. As of the first three issues, 16 research articles and a book review have been presented to the interest of academicians. According to Dergipark journal system, the papers published in IJEPHSS have been downloaded and examined by researchers and scholars over 3000 times.

IJEPHSS is indexed in more than 10 scientific indexes, library and institution databases at the national and international level. We are working hard to increase the number of indexes, thus raising the visibility of our journal as well as citation levels. The indexed databases are available on the “Indexes” page.

IJEPHSS, even less than only one year old, has given publication support to the local and international scientific congresses such as ECOEI’III, ECOEI’IV, ECOEI’V, ICEESS, ECONBUSS, ICOAEF. We make every effort to maintain this kind of support and increase the number at the same time. You can find the posters and announcements about the past or upcoming congresses on the “Supported Congresses” page.

The Scientific and Advisory Board of the journal is composed of 34 scholars who work in 16 different countries from Europe, America and Asia. We are still negotiating with speacialists working in different fields of social sciences and humanities asking for their contribution to our Scientific and Advisory Board. Therefore, the number of our board members is increasing day by day.

You can reach the manuscripts in our journal via “Latest Issue” or “Archive” links. Academic manuscripts are made available on Dergipark system.

If you intend to publish original articles in the upcoming issue, you can send them to our journal by signing up on Dergipark system. Dergipark membership and manuscript publication in our journal are free of charge.